Harvest of Health

Harvest of Health, the best from nature

Before we tell about our delicious tomatoes just this: thank you! We are honored that you choose our exceptional products. That shows good taste and an eye for quality. Indeed, Harvest of Health tomatoes are the best nature has to offer.

This delectable vegetable fits perfectly into your healthy lifestyle. In fact, Harvest of Health tomatoes are extra flavorful and packed with vitamin C, potassium and lycopene. The tomatoes are grown and selected by Erwin and his motivated team, for you. This is all done responsibly.

We like to tell the story behind Harvest of Health’s tomatoes. We also share success recipes that make the most of our versatile tomatoes. At lunch, in hot dishes or as a snack: our Harvest of Health tomatoes fit any time of day.

Where to buy.

You can find our Harvest of Health tomatoes mostly at vegetable stores. You will recognize our tomatoes by the heart-shaped label and the stylish cardboard packaging.

Harvest of Health's three vine tomatoes

The flavorful Harvest of Health tomatoes come in three varieties: mini vine cherry tomatoes, cocktail vine tomatoes and vine tomatoes. These varieties are selected for their full, sweet flavor and beautiful, deep red color. You can count on perfect tomatoes all year long because we carefully control quality.

mini cherry tomatoes on the vine

Extra sweet in taste, you snack on these all day long.

cocktail tomatoes

Full of flavor, delicious in salads and cold dishes.

vine tomatoes

Full and sweet in flavor, delicious on bread and in hot dishes.

Deep red inside and out

Tomatoes contain lycopene, as do watermelon, peppers and grapefruit. This substance gives fruits their beautiful color. And not only that! Lycopene is a bioactive compound that acts as an antioxidant. Harvest of Health tomatoes are relatively high in lycopene, which makes them deep red. Not only on the outside, but also on the inside.

'Proud of our top tomatoes'

Erwin van der Lans is one of the growers of Lans tomatoes. He has been growing Harvest of Health vine tomatoes for years.

‘At the time, we were looking for the best vine tomatoes of their kind. Taste, quality and shelf life were our main criteria. After a long search, we ended up with these three breeds. Because of their special qualities, they may bear the name Harvest of Health. Rightly so, as they are the tastiest vine tomatoes I know. Every day, our entire team of employees provides top quality tomatoes. I’m really proud of that.

Harvest of Health tomatoes are not only flavorful and healthy, but are grown responsibly. Erwin collects rainwater, which is used for the plants. The pouring water and nutrients are collected and reused again and again.

Cogeneration ensures that the company uses energy efficiently. To protect the tomato crop from pests, Lans uses beneficial insects. They use bumblebees to pollinate tomato plants. Erwin: “Even in cultivation, we choose the best that nature has to offer.

Recipe Inspiration

Harvest of Health’s tomatoes don’t really need any preparation, they can be eaten right off the fist! Nice to take with you during a bike ride or for after exercise, for example. However, they are also very tasty prepared.

Sliced on bread, sliced through salad or in small pieces through wok can always be done. For those days when a little more unpacking is allowed, we recommend trying the recipes below:

Roasted cocktail tomatoes with honey with spaghetti aglia olio

Chicken breast from oven with mini troscherry tomatoes in basil oil

Stuffed vine tomatoes with goat cheese and a Parmesan crumble