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Harvest of Health, the best nature has to offer

Before we tell you about our delicious tomatoes, we would just like to say thank you! We are honoured that you choose our special products. That is testament to their great flavour and your keen eye for quality and all because Harvest of Health tomatoes are the best nature has to offer.

This delicious vegetable complements your healthy lifestyle perfectly, because Harvest of Health tomatoes are especially flavoursome and packed with vitamin C, potassium and lycopene. The tomatoes are grown and selected by Erwin and his motivated team, all in a sustainable manner.

The story behind the Harvest of Health tomatoes is something we love to share, along with great recipes to make the most of our versatile tomatoes. With lunch, in hot dishes, or as a snack: our Harvest of Health tomatoes are perfect at any time of the day.

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Where can they be purchased?

Our Harvest of Health tomatoes are mainly for sale at specialist greengrocers. You will recognise our tomatoes from the heart-shaped label and the stylish cardboard packaging.

The three Harvest of Health vine tomatoes

There are three types of flavoursome Harvest of Health tomatoes: mini cherry vine tomatoes, cocktail vine tomatoes and vine tomatoes. These varieties are selected for their full, sweet flavour and beautiful, deep-red colour. You can count on perfect tomatoes throughout the year, as we monitor quality meticulously.

Mini cherry vine tomato

Per 100 grams: 23 mg vitamin C / 450 mg potassium / 7.3 mg lycopene

Extra-sweet flavour, you could easily snack on these throughout the day

  • snack
Cocktail vine tomato

Per 100 grams: 14 mg vitamin C / 324 mg potassium / 4.6 mg lycopene

Full of flavour, delicious in salads and cold dishes

  • salade
Vine tomato

Per 100 grams: 18 mg vitamin C / 260 mg potassium / 8.4 mg lycopene

Full of flavour and sweet-tasting, delicious on bread and in hot dishes

  • wokken
  • oven
  • koken
  • broodbeleg

Deep red on both the inside and outside

Tomatoes contain lycopene, as do watermelon, sweet peppers and grapefruit. This substance gives fruits their beautiful colour. And not just that! Lycopene is a bioactive compound that has an antioxidant effect. Harvest of Health tomatoes contain relatively large amounts of lycopene, which gives them their deep-red colour. Not only on the outside, but inside too.

‘Proud of our top tomatoes’

Erwin van der Lans is one of the directors of tomato grower Lans. He has been growing Harvest of Health vine tomatoes for many years.

“At the time, we searched for the best vine tomatoes of their kind. Flavour, quality and shelf life were our most important criteria. After a long search, we chose these three varieties. Due to their special qualities, they are entitled to carry the Harvest of Health name and rightly so, as they are the tastiest and healthiest vine tomatoes I know. Each day, our entire team of employees is responsible for top-quality tomatoes and I am really proud of that.”

Harvest of Health tomatoes aren’t only tasty, they are also grown in a sustainable manner. The grower harvests rainwater to be used for the plants. The irrigation water and nutrients are then captured and reused time after time. The cogeneration unit ensures the company is energy efficient. To protect the tomato crop from pests, Lans uses beneficial insects, whilst bumblebees pollinate the tomato plants. Erwin: “Even for cultivation, we choose the best nature has to offer.”

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These are our recipes for success

You can, of course, eat the Harvest of Health tomatoes whilst on the go. At work, after exercising or as a snack at a party.

Because of their superb taste and deep-red colour, our tomatoes are perfect for every lunch, in every summer salad and in a variety of hot dishes. It was a difficult choice, but we have selected three great recipes for you. Enjoy!

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